I Love This Time of Year

Coming new year

The week between Christmas and New Year’s is a wonderful time.

Reflecting on accomplishments, experiences and set back’s over the past year, I can see tremendous growth in myself. I refer to it as my life expanding.

I have richness in my life that wasn’t there one year ago. I have greater insight to my strength as a woman in Corporate America and more importantly I have used my strengths to move myself ahead in my career this past year.

I have had my challenges, I have had my set backs, and I have also experienced immense joy. Above all else, I have had peace and confidence in knowing that whatever life throws at me … I can handle it.

As I look ahead at 2014, the sky is limitless on what I can accomplish it. I know it, live it and want it for you.

Did you accomplish what you set out to do last year?

Do you stand in your strength and achieve your dreams?

If you do, I applaud you.

Most women do not and sadly many have dreams locked in their hearts that are screaming to be unleashed … but they don’t have the key.

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